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New Heart Guidelines - Old News about Aspirin and Lots of Confusion over Hormones

Yesterday the American Heart Association announced the publication of new guidelines for women and heart disease from their article in the journal Circulation.

 To no surprise, the main recommendation was for women to start taking a baby aspirin in the dose of 81 mg per day as a mild blood thinner to reduce the incidence of heart attacks and strokes.  This recommendation is officially new for women, but has been in  place for men for several decades.

The guidelines also downplayed the importance of vitamin and dietary supplements in the form of vitamins C and E, beta carotene and folic acid as “worthless for preventing heart disease”.

The final comment by the authors was to point out that oral Premarin causes blood clots at four times the rate of a bio-identical estrogen skin patch called Climara. 

 I want to discuss mostly the confusion, if not intentional mis-representation, of hormones in women.  We all knew 40 years ago that high doses of chemically altered, synthetic estrogens in the form found in Premarin and birth control pills (BCP’s) causes a high incidence of blood clots.  Nothing has changed - it still does.  What is worse is when you combine these unnatural estrogens with chemically altered, synthetic progestins that the incidence of blood clots rises even further.

What the authors of the heart guidelines failed to tell the press (or even understand themselves) is that the estrogen product in the Climara patch is pure unaltered estradiol - that circulates naturally right in your own body.

 Did you know that Premarin is a derivative of horse urine?  A multitude of horse estrogens (from pregnant mares) are being packaged and sold to women.  Even the name “Premarin” is derived from “PREgnant MARes urINe.”  This is not a joke.

Is it any wonder then that a natural hormone, bio-identical to the estradiol found in women should not only be safer than a laboratory-derived, Frankenstein-altered estrogenic chemical but also was found to be safer than taking nothing at all?

That’s right.  The statistics from the study pointed out that the incidence of blood clots in women taking Climara, the natural estrogen known as estradiol, was 0.9 the incidence found in women without any medication!  I am not necessarily advocating that women go out willy-nilly and start taking large doses of Climara, but that it is mis-represented by mainstream medicine.

Medical doctors who are supposed to be “experts” in the field surprisingly do not know that synthetic, chemically altered hormones (like those found in all BCP’s, HRT (Premarin, PremPro) are all POISONS.  Go to http://www.DitchThePill.org for an in depth discussion on this very topic.

These same “experts” do not understand the difference between natural or bio-identical hormones that we advocate and the drugs pushed on women by big pharmaceutical companies. 

For example, the word “progesterone”, which should be reserved for the exact meaning of a natural hormone found in a woman’s body, is probably the most misunderstood medical term in all of medical literature today.  Nine doctors out of ten do not understand that the progestin found in PremPro or in all BCP’s is NOT PROGESTERONE that is found in nature, but rather a chemically altered version of it to satisfy patent laws.

This is important for the treatment of migraine headaches in which natural hormone supplements are recommended (among other items) to achieve a cure rate of 80% in our women patients of our clinic. 

Andrew Jones, M.D., Medical Director

Women’s Health Institute of Texas


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