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New Cure for Depression

We have already established that migraine headaches, PMS, PMDD and menopause are caused by the lack or imbalance of hormones.   Did you know that know that depression is also hormonally mediated as well?

That’s right.  Clinical depression is nothing more than a lack of hormones.  At the Women’s Health Institute of Texas, we have known this for years.  We have also been successfully treating depression (along with migraines and PMS and menopause) with bio-identical hormones and other supplements.

There is a new website, www.DepressionGoneForever.com where you can download my latest book, The All-Natural Cure For Your Depression.

This book describes the treatment plan we use to successfully cure depression.  It builds upon the already successful plans we use for migraine headaches and PMS.  The depression plan is more complicated than the others, however, and requires more types of hormones than do migraines or PMS.

So if you or someone you know might benefit from a depression cure, please click on www.DepressionGoneForever.com and download your book now.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Insitute of Texas





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