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Archive for February, 2008

Newsweek’s Hatchet Job on Bio-Identical Hormones Affects Your Migraines

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The February 7th edition of a Newsweek “Web Exclusive”  ran a story about the FDA “cracking down” on natural menopausal therapies.  The article basically was a mouthpiece for FDA and Big Pharma to continue to shut down and intimidate doctors, compounding pharmacies and their patients from getting bio-identical hormones to treat women’s conditions, including migraine headaches.

The FDA recently sent out a letter to seven pharmacies preventing them from making claims about the superiority and safety of bio-identical hormones (hormones that are exactly the way your body makes them) versus the synthetic, chemically altered versions found in most prescription forms of HRT and birth control pills.

To add even more damage, the FDA decided that since estriol, one of the three main bio-identical estrogens that are currently circulating in your body, has never been approved by them in the past, then it was banned from the US!

In treating your migraines, we use bio-identical hormones, although we don’t use estriol. But the next step by the Nazis at the FDA and their cartel friends in Big Pharma is to attack all of the other bio-identical hormones that you so desperately need.

The Government is to be feared. Millions of people are at risk from FDA attack all in the name of “regulation”.  Of course, the real reason is money.  Money for the continued monopoly of the big drug companies so that they can continue to manufacture and sell “FDA approved” drugs that are toxic to you all in the name of the public interest.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, The Women’s Health Institute of Texas






Since bio-identical hormones compounded by pharmacists never went  through the Big Pharma club of spending several hundred million dollars (on a product that can’t be patented) then the FDA and mainstream medicine jumps to the conclusion that they are not safe and “unregulated”.