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FDA Clueless on Hormones

As a high profile advocate of natural or bio-identical hormones to treat various health issues of PMS, depression, post-partum depression, migraine headaches, menopause and many other maladies, I am continuously on the lookout for any attempts by ill-informed� government agencies or my medical colleagues that try to suppress this information and censor explosive news that alleviate these conditions.

Two weeks ago the FDA, in conjunction with the FTC, announced that they were clamping down on websites that made �unfounded� health claims in promoting their hormone products.� Somehow, the US government has given itself the power to regulate medical speech.

But this is not new.� The FDA has acted as an active participant in its alliance with the big drug companies to keep smaller firms from making any health claims on any natural products.� In order to joint the �club�, or more accurately, the drug cartel, any manufacturer of a drug is forced to spend several hundred million dollars first.

But the focus of this article is not on the FDA-Big Drug Company Cartel, but rather on statements made by the FDA�s drug chief, Steven Galson. �One would presume that this position as �drug chief� would encompass professional knowledge of pharmaceuticals, physiology and chemistry.

However, Mr. Galson (I do not know if he is a doctor or holds a PhD degree), stated to the Associated Press that, �Hormones are hormones are hormones� in reference to web sites selling some natural hormones as a safe, natural alternative to the widely renowned Women�s Health Initiative study of 2002 that rocked the medical world by revealing the dangerous effects of prescription synthetic, chemically altered hormones like Premarin and PremPro.

This statement, �Hormones are hormones are hormones�, is perhaps the most ignorant utterance I have ever heard from anyone who is supposed be knowledgeable in the industry, much less� the �drug chief� of the agency that is supposed to regulate drugs.

There is an enormous difference between a synthetic, chemically altered hormone that is sold as a prescription versus a natural hormone that is exactly bio-identical to the real hormone that normally circulates in your body.

One is a foreign chemical that somewhat resembles the hormone that it is supposed to emulate but is completely unrecognizable by your body.� It is filled with side effects precisely because it is not natural and has taken the medical industry decades to figure out the true dangers of these drugs.

The other is a natural hormone that is no different to what your own body is manufacturing continuously (albeit in insufficient quantities in many people).� Natural hormone supplementation is merely restoring the balance of what your body needs.� By definition, it has zero side effects, only dose dependent predictable effects found in nature.

For Galson to make a statement that �Hormones are hormones are hormones� is beyond idiotic and ignorant.� For someone in his position, this is almost criminal.�

Unfortunately, this attitude is pervasive throughout the medical industry.� Most medical doctors do not understand the difference between prescription synthetic, chemically hormones and natural hormones, either.

Ironically, through the power of the internet, many laymen (and laywomen) are vastly more educated in the differences between prescription drugs and natural hormones and hold superior knowledge to their own family doctors, who are frequently clueless.

So, dear reader, keep on surfing the net because you know more than the Steven Galson�s of the world.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women�s� Health Institute of Texas


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