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Don’t Be Fooled by Claims of No Side Effects from Half Strength Premarin

Amazing.� Wyeth is pulling out all the stops in their desperate effort to sell their synthetic HRT drugs.� Menopause remains a major health problem for women worldwide, as does PMS (PMDD), migraine headaches and depression.� Drug companies continue to push their synthetic, foreign chemicals into women’s bodies, further poisoning them.

Premarin was the biggest selling HRT drug prescribed by mainstream medicine for menopause.� Premarin and PremPro are both manufactured by Wyeth.� Both have taken severe hits in widely published drug studies the last few years.� PremPro was annihilated by the WHI study back in 2002 and Premarin is plagued by blood clot problems.�

So what does Wyeth do?� I have already commented on their attempts to manipulate data and create new endpoints in an earlier blog article.� This time it appears that the concept was to simply decrease the dose - cut it in half (to 0.3mg versus 0.625mg)�- and then claim that there is no “fear of side effects”.�

The newspaper, Scotland on Sunday, just reported on claims that “Scientists have made a breakthrough in hormone replacement therapy which will allow thousands of women to take low doses of HRT without any fear of side effects”.

What breakthrough?� So you cut the dose of a poison in half and call it a “breakthrough”?.� How about the “without any fear of side effects”?� Who are they kidding?

Doctors are fooled, too.� The newspaper quotes Dr. John Stevenson, consultant metabolic physician at the Royal Bromptom Hospital in London who says, “The new tablet is significant because it is giving us another option in treating HRT which we have never had before.” He also says that this should “reassure millions of women who have been unnecessarily deterred from taking HRT drugs”.

Dr. Stevenson is dead wrong on two counts:� First, Wyeth has had a 0.3mg sized Premarin available for years and secondly, this “option” is nothing new in giving a lower dose of poison to lessen the full strength dose of a greater poison.� There is nothing reassuring here other than Wyeth’s desperation for their bottom line.

This is the same strategy employed by manufacturers of birth control pills in recent years.� Just keep cutting the dose until the side effects diminish.� It sounds like a good idea at first.� Take any poison and cut the dose.� Therefore you get less poison.� That makes a lot of sense.

But why should you have to tolerate any poison at all?� Is taking half the amount of any poison, whether it be Premarin or arsenic the correct thing to do?� It’s crazy, but that is what the drug companies are doing to you.�

They can’t avoid the poisons at all.� By definition, any time they create a foreign chemical just to get the patent on it, it is still a foreign chemical - and your body knows it.� Foreign chemicals� create havoc in your body.�

It took 50 years to figure it out and several generations of women have been poisoned by drug companies.� The results are a worldwide epidemic of PMS (PMDD), migraine headaches, heart disease, blood clots, strokes, cancers (especially breast), and depression, just to name a few.

The only real breakthrough is the one we made at the Women’s Health Institute of Texas.� We employ natural methods using bio-identical hormones to replenish what is deficient in a woman’s body.� It is the deficiency of natural hormones that is causing menopause to begin with.� (And deficiencies of hormones are also responsible for migraine headaches, PMS (PMDD) and depression, too.)

Our natural treatment is very successful at curing the underlying deficiency.� And it is perfectly safe, unlike any prescription drug�on the market, especially the synthetic HRT drugs like Premarin or PremPro.

Dont’ be fooled by the what is being reported by mainstream medicine.� Poison is poison whether you get the full dose or just half of it.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas





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