Treatment of headache caused by migraine

The disease is treated with a set of measures. They are based on drug therapy: tryptanes (the most effective means), analgesics and/or NPVP. In some cases, prescribe ergotamine-containing medications.

As a result of therapy, the patient’s general condition is restored, the duration of the attack is reduced and the severity of symptoms is reduced. 

It is possible to prevent the disease from turning into a chronic form, to facilitate symptoms, to improve the quality of life of the patient, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Reception of tryptans

Dr. Denis Slinkin

Dr. Denis Slinkin states: If migraine without aura is diagnosed, tryptans should be taken in the first half hour when the attack has just begun.If migraine with aura is diagnosed, tryptans should be taken in the period when the aura ends and GB begins.When you take tryptans for more than 10 days a month for 3 months or more, you may see medicinal GB (Abuzus).Tryptans are contraindicated:

  • if you have a stroke;
  • ischemic heart disease;
  • ischemic heart disease;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • transient ischemic attack;
  • peripheral vascular occlusion.


In addition to the means to buy HB, the doctor recommends preventive measures to make the attacks less frequent and easier.

Dr. Denis Slinkin states that if a patient has three intense migraine attacks per month, and eight days a month with a headache;the patient is not well tolerated or ineffective with medication to treat the attacks;migraine is chronic (headache is recorded for more than 15 days per month);with obvious comorbid disorders – depression, anxiety, medication abususement.

The effect of prevention is positive, when for 3 months it is possible to halve the number of days with headaches.